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    Nigerian Striker, Obafemi Martins Shines in China

    obaa 1 - Nigerian Striker, Obafemi Martins Shines in China

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     obaa - Nigerian Striker, Obafemi Martins Shines in China
    Obafemi Martins
    Obafemi Martins scored from close range to earn Shanghai Shenhua a 1-0 win over local rivals Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese FA Cup final first leg match on Sunday.
    The Nigerian put the ball in from four metres after Liu Ruofan’s cut-back in the 38th minute.
    The result gives Shenhua a boost as they hope to end a difficult season with success in the country’s premier knockout competition.
    The teams meet again at Shanghai Stadium with Shenhua, who finished 11th in the league this season, aiming to win the Chinese FA Cup for the first time since 1998.

    “The game went as we expected,’’ Rueters quoted Shenhua coach Wu Jingui as saying.
    “SIPG were very aggressive and they had a lot of power in midfield and attack.

    “We could only fight by running more, defending endlessly and having the spirit to give everything to achieve such a good result.”
    The Chinese FA Cup is the last chance for SIPG’s Portuguese coach Andre Villas-Boas and his expensively-assembled team to secure a trophy this season.
    The second leg is scheduled for Sunday November 26.
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    5 Confirmed Dead after Drinking Local Gin in Imo

    gin 1 - 5 Confirmed Dead after Drinking Local Gin in Imo

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     gin - 5 Confirmed Dead after Drinking Local Gin in Imo
    File Photo
    At least five persons, including a 60-year-old woman, have been confirmed dead after the consumption of a local gin sold by one Uwadiegwu Eze, a native of Umunakara community, in the Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State.
    Names of the dead victims were given as: Daniel Nwosu Jnr. 45; Friday Osuji, 70; Ifeanyi Njoku, 31; Adanna Iheanacho, 60, and one Benjamin Okoroafor.
    According to Punch, trouble started when residents, who patronised the gin shop between Tuesday, November 14, to Friday, November 17, started having body stiffness and partial blindness which culminated in deaths.
    According to the report, the shop owner, Eze, fled after he was informed that consumers of his product were dying.
    The State Ministry of Health, on getting the information, sent a team headed by the Director of Centre for Disease Control, Dr. Okeji A., to the community.
    Many youths from the community, who drank the local gin, were said to have queued up in their numbers upon sighting the ambulance of the state Ministry of Health, waiting to be taken to Owerri, the Imo State capital.
    Okeji lamented that people still patronised distillers who used methanol to boost production of the gin in order to increase their profits.
    Toe Elechi, a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the state , who is an indigene of the community, thanked the health ministry for prompt response.
    He also told the newspaper that security operatives were already on the trail of the owner of the gin shop.
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    Video: BankyW and Adesua Etomi kiss passionately after their civil ceremony in Lagos today

    5a12d633d2d6b - Video: BankyW and Adesua Etomi kiss passionately after their civil ceremony in Lagos today

    5a12d633d2d6b - Video: BankyW and Adesua Etomi kiss passionately after their civil ceremony in Lagos today

    BankyW and Adesua Etomi are legally now husband and wife after signing the legal papers in a private civil ceremony today. Congratulations to them! Watch them kiss passionately in the video below.


    BanyW and Adesua Etomi kiss after their private civil ceremony in Lagos this afternoon

    A post shared by LIB – Linda Ikeji Blog (@lindaikejiblog) on


    BanyW and Adesua Etomi kiss after their private civil ceremony in Lagos this afternoon

    A post shared by LIB – Linda Ikeji Blog (@lindaikejiblog) on

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    Apples, Strawberries & More: These 8 Foods Can Help You Fight Bad Breath

    Bad Breath 1 - Apples, Strawberries & More: These 8 Foods Can Help You Fight Bad Breath

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    Bad Breath - Apples, Strawberries & More: These 8 Foods Can Help You Fight Bad Breath
    File photo
    Bad breath, medically referred to as halitosis, is an unpleasant odour that emanates from the mouth.
    The most common cause of bad breath are bacteria that are naturally present in the mouth.
    The over 600 bacteria that reside in the mouth feast on food particles and dead cells, producing sulfur compounds formed during protein breakdown, causing halitosis.
    A proper oral-hygiene routine, which includes brushing, flossing, rinsing, tongue cleansing and regular visits to the dentist, are important activities that help to keep bad breath away.
    However, here are eight healthy foods that can help you fight bad breath.
    Cinnamon contains an organic compound called cinnamic aldehyde which freshens up your breath. It has antimicrobial properties that prevent the odour-causing bacteria, while its refreshing and fragrant aroma helps to keep your breath fresh.
    Dry mouth, called xerostomia, contributes to oral microbial growth. Taking enough water stimulates saliva production and keeps the mouth moist. Water also helps flush out bits of food that lurk in the mouth for bacteria to feed on.
    Strawberries have high water content, and prevent dry mouth. They’re also very high in vitamin C and create an environment hostile to bacteria and germs.
    Black tea
    Drinking unsweetened black or green tea may help ward off bad breath. Both types of tea contain antioxidants called polyphenols that can help destroy the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath—although green tea contains more because it is processed in a different way.
    Both teas prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause foul breath. They also decrease the bacteria’s production of stinky byproducts.
    Sugar-free gum
    Chewing on sugar-free gum loosens food and dead cells from the teeth, gums, and tongue and fosters saliva production. Sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol is particularly effective for fighting bad breath because xylitol inhibits mouth bacteria.
    Probiotic yogurt
    Sugar-free probiotic yogurt reduces bad breath by helping to lower the levels of odour-causing sulfide compounds.
    Active cultures in yogurt, such as lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, compete with the bacteria in your mouth that contribute to bad breath.
    It is also a great source of vitamin D, which helps reduce mouth bacteria and aids overall good oral health.
    Parsley is a green vegetable that contains chlorophyll, a compound with antibacterial properties that are able to break down sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
    It also contains polyphenols compounds that break down the sulfur compounds in the mouth.
    Like Parsley, Apples contain polyphenols that break down smelly sulfur compounds. Spinach is another polyphenol-rich food that is good at breaking down sulfur compounds.
    Also, when you bite into an apple, you’re pushing plaque away from your teeth, thus eliminating the food matter that could cause bacteria in your gums and teeth.
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    Anambra Election: Why Obiano Defeated His Opponents – SSG

    willie obiano 1 11 - Anambra Election: Why Obiano Defeated His Opponents - SSG

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     willie obiano 1 10 - Anambra Election: Why Obiano Defeated His Opponents - SSG
    Governor Willie Obiano
    Prof. Solo Chukwulobelu, Secretary to Anambra government, has thanked the people of the state for re-electing Governor Willie Obiano.
    The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) returning officer, Prof. Zana Akpagu, the VC of UNICAL, said Obiano polled 234,071 votes.
    Chukwulobelu stated that his victory simply confirms that hard work paid.
    “We are pleased with the outcome of the election. The governor won in the 21 Local Government Areas of the state with more than 50 per cent”, he said.
    “It shows that the governor had in his first tenure, spread democracy dividends across the areas.

    “His good performance has spoken. We want this election to be used as a model for future elections in the country.

    “But for minor skirmishes, it was peaceful, credible and political parties participated actively. Campaigns were also peaceful.

    “More importantly, we thank the people for their support and I want to join Governor Obiano in asking other candidates to join his administration to build a greater and prosperous Anambra State”, he added.
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    West Brom sacks head coach, Tony Pulis over poor performance in the league

    5a12b39b30d61 - West Brom sacks head coach, Tony Pulis over poor performance in the league

    5a12b39b30d61 - West Brom sacks head coach, Tony Pulis over poor performance in the league

    WEST Bromwich Albion today terminated the contract of Head Coach, Tony Pulis. Chairman of the club John Williams said:

    “these decisions are never taken lightly but always in the interests of the Club. We are in a results business and over the back end of last season and this season to date, ours have been very disappointing. We would like to place on record our appreciation of Tony’s contribution and hard work during a period of transition for the Club which included a change of ownership. We wish him well in his future endeavours.”  

    Assistant Head Coach Gary Megson has agreed to take charge of first-team affairs until further notice.

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    OBITUARY: Alex Ekwueme, the Accidental VP Who Wanted MKO’s Name Written in the Constitution

    Alex Ekwueme 3 - OBITUARY: Alex Ekwueme, the Accidental VP Who Wanted MKO's Name Written in the Constitution

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    Alex Ekwueme 2 - OBITUARY: Alex Ekwueme, the Accidental VP Who Wanted MKO's Name Written in the Constitution
    Alex Ekwueme
    When Alexandra Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme drew his last breath on Saturday night at a London hospital, it was not just a chapter that closed in Nigeria’s history: a library also shut down. Regarded as one of the most educated politicians Nigeria has ever produced, Ekwueme churned out political ideas that have continued to shape the debate around the country’s nationhood.
    There is an irony to the timing of his passing. His daughter, Alexandria Chidi Onyemelukwe, had just lost her bid to become deputy governor of Anambra state as running mate to Oseloka Obaze on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Willie Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) took his opponents to the cleaners. TheCable understands that Ekwueme was unaware of the development, having not recovered from the coma he slipped into early November. He was flown abroad in an air ambulance.
    Maybe governorship is not for the family after all.
    When Ekwueme received his LLB and a second PhD in Scotland in 1978, his convocation dinner was attended by a large delegation from the old Anambra state. One person after the other spoke, asking him to come home and be part of the transition to civil rule, as the ban on politics had just been lifted by the military government of Olusegun Obasanjo.
    They asked him to contest for the governorship of Anambra state. He was reluctant but he gave two conditions: first, he was really exhausted from his academics and was not in a state of mind to embark on an elaborate campaign, so they would have to undertake to do it for him; second, he had not much money at the time so they would have to raise the funds. They agreed to both conditions.
    Pronto, he came back to Nigeria, with the governorship primary just a few days away. But he got a breather, as it were, as it was moved by one week.
    Since he was not at home when NPN was formed, it was always going to be a tough call to get the party’s ticket. CC Onoh (father of Bianca Ojukwu) was already on ground nursing his own ambition. He was campaigning then that northern Anambra (Enugu, Abakaliki and Nsukka senatorial districts) should produce the governor, as against the south, made up of Awka and Onitsha districts. The north had 23 local governments, while the south, where Ekwueme came from, had only 15. It was a battle the man with two PhDs would not win.
    But life is full of twists and turns.

    “This is where God comes into the affairs of men: I lost the governorship ticket at a time when NPN was quite popular here. But shortly after that, Nnamdi Azikiwe came into the picture and it changed all the dynamics and calculations when he became the presidential candidate of the NPP (Nigerian Peoples Party)… if I had won that (NPN) guber primaries, I would have also lost the election for the office of governor,” Ekwueme would say later. Of course, Onoh lost to NPP’s Jim Nwobodo.
    Meanwhile, Shehu Shagari, who had just been nominated the presidential candidate of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) for the 1979 election, was on a vote mobilisation tour of the east. At Enugu, he asked to meet NPN leaders from Imo and Anambra states (today’s Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Abia and Enugu states). The meeting took place at Hotel Presidential.
    NPN had zoned the vice-presidential slot to the east, so it was also time to discuss potential candidates. Shagari told both states to nominate candidates by consensus, and he would then pick one based on the decision of the executive committee of the party. Anambra nominated Ekwueme — in fact, Onoh nominated him and it was unanimously supported — while Imo nominated Macaulay Nwankwo. Both nominees were friends. Shagari got their resumes.
    Campaign done and dusted in the east, the Shagari train headed for Benue state. At the Anambra-Enugu border, the unexpected happened — according to Ekwueme.
    “When we got to the border, the people from Benue state were waiting to receive Shagari and we parked, did some back-slapping and just while all that was happening, Shagari drew me aside and said he wanted to tell me himself and that he would like us to work together once the NEC approves, that he wants to work with me; but he said I should still keep it to myself. I thanked him right there at the border; but again, something very interesting happened. As we were returning to our state, some people who were still interested in the job still went with him to Benue state and all along with the campaign until he came back to Lagos,” Ekwueme told Vanguard in an interview in 2009.
    Politics and controversy are bedfellows, and Ekwueme was soon baptised in ways he did not expect. Having been picked by Shagari, he was just waiting for the ratification and official nomination when a politician alleged that he had donated N2 million (which, using the exchange rate factor, would be nearly N800 million today) to the party. The gist was that he had bought the VP slot.
    He explained what happened thereafter.
    “Before that January 1983 NEC meeting of the NPN where the ticket would be ratified, a national newspaper of that day had a front page picture of the man with a bold inscription: Gunning for NPN Vice Presidential Ticket. By the next day when it had become public that I got it, they asked him what happened. He just said I gave the party N2 million to get the ticket so that was how the issue of N2 million came about; but as at that time, I had not given even one kobo to anybody,” Ekwueme said.
    He actually donated N1 million after he had been officially named as the vice-presidential candidate.

    “When we were about commencing campaigns, people were looking for money and as running mate I should be able to contribute something so I sold some properties of mine in Palmgrove (Lagos) and made a donation of N1 million to the campaign,” he said.

    As vice-president, he had his fears and limitations. One fear was the possibility of a coup. The history of coup in Nigeria was filled with blood, and he feared he would not be safe if the past was going to be a pointer. One limitation was that as VP, he would have virtually nothing to do. The glory goes to the president, and the blame goes round.
    But he had a very good relationship with Shagari by his own admission. It did not start on a rosy note, though.

    “Actually on the first council meeting, where memos were brought up for discussion and some of the memos came for signature where some ministers had to sign, some for the President, after the session and because the ministers had just been appointed, almost all the memos came under the signature of President Shagari. During the meeting I said nothing, not because I had nothing to say but I just chose to say nothing,” he said years later.

    “When we finished, the president came to me and asked why I didn’t make contributions to the discussions and the signing and I told him that first, it would be very embarrassing for him and for the government if he brought a memo to council and I demolished it and that I am sure that if I did that and, based on logic and sound reasoning, the council would agree with me but that would appear as if the presidency was not working together. I told him that I would rather we discuss the memo before hand and by the time we get to council, it would be easier to handle.

    “He said that since the memos come from various places, if we have to go through all the memos at council, it would take time but that he would appreciate it if I took a very good look at the memos the way they come and make my input the way I saw it good or bad and that he wouldn’t consider it embarrassing if I demolished any memo brought to council. And so we agreed and began to work on that basis.”
    It may need reminding that while Ekwueme boasted of many degrees, Shagari only trained as a teacher although with a lot of political experience, having been minister in the 1960s.
    The Shagari government was overthrown by the military on December 31, 1983. Muhammadu Buhari, a major-general, became head of state. Ekwueme, who spent 20 months in detention at Kirikiri prisons — much of it without access to TV, newspapers and radio — would later be blamed for the ills of the Shagari administration by Buhari.
    But the Justice Uwaifo panel, set up by the military government of Ibrahim Babangida, a general, set him free with these famous words: “Dr. Ekwueme left office poorer than he was when he entered it, and to ask more from him was to set a standard which even saints could not meet.”
    After he was set free, he did not participate in politics under Babangida, who was banning and unbanning “old breed” politicians at every turn. After the annulment of June 12 1993 presidential election, Nigeria descended into a crippling crisis, and Babangida left power unceremoniously.
    An interim government, headed by Ernest Shonekan, was installed to midwife a new transition, but the crisis only got worse. At this stage, Ekwueme came back into the limelight to play the role of a statesman.
    He called a press conference and proposed what many people would laugh at — that Nigeria should produce a new constitution and write specifically that MKO Abiola, the winner of the annulled election, would be the first president under that constitution.
    At the press conference he held at Ikoyi Hotel, Lagos, he said the same way Azikiwe was mentioned by name in the 1963 Constitution as the president of Nigeria, it should be written that “Abiola shall be the President of Nigeria and there shall be vice-presidents from the different geo-political zones” under his proposed constitution.
    It sounded ridiculous. Nobody listened to him. Besides, Nigeria was on fire, and the powers that be would rather eat sand than give Abiola any break.
    Shonekan was eventually removed in what was clearly a military coup and Sani Abacha, a general, took over. Nigeria returned to a full-fledged military regime. One of the first things Abacha did was to set up a constitutional conference to write a new constitution for Nigeria. Ekwueme was nominated into the conference. He was back in the game.
    At the constitutional conference, he championed many proposals to reshape Nigeria politically, create a more equatable system and reduce the perennial tension in the land. He suggested a six-zone structure (which is now effectively in operation in Nigeria). He asked for rotational presidency between the zones and a single term of five years. A sitting president should not be a candidate for re-election, but he could return to contest in the future.
    Ekwueme also suggested that each zone should have a vice-president, and in the event that the sitting president has to leave office — by impeachment, resignation or death — he would be replaced by the vice-president from his zone. This was to allay the fears of any zone losing power accidentally, as it happened when President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua died in 2010 and the north lost the presidency barely in three years.
    The most controversial proposal from him was that the core of the military should be decentralised to prevent coup plots. But he was accused of proposing regional armies and this was seen as an attempt to break up the country. The Igbo demanded a confederacy before the civil war broke out in 1967, and such a “decentralised military” proposal coming from another Igboman was bound to be treated with suspicion.
    As Abacha began to show signs that he was not interested in a genuine transition to democracy but wanted to transmute from military dictator to civilian president — as the fad was in many African countries then — Ekwueme began to align with top politicians to fight Abacha. It was a dangerous game but he survived.
    He was a key brain behind the G-34 group that wrote to Abacha to demand a return to democracy, and when Abacha eventually died, the group metamorphosed into the PDP which became the dominant party from 1999 to 2015. Ekwueme twice sought to be the party’s presidential candidate in 1999 and 2003, but he was defeated by Obasanjo on both occasions.
    Although aggrieved at the way things went, he remained a member of the party till the end.
    Source: TheCable
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    Exclusive: Here’s a screenshot of the threat Burnaboy sent to Mr 2Kay via Twitter DM as police confirm his involvement in 2Kay’s violent robbery

    5a12c2ecdfca7 - Exclusive: Here's a screenshot of the threat Burnaboy sent to Mr 2Kay via Twitter DM as police confirm his involvement in 2Kay's violent robbery

    5a12c2ecdfca7 - Exclusive: Here's a screenshot of the threat Burnaboy sent to Mr 2Kay via Twitter DM as police confirm his involvement in 2Kay's violent robbery

    The Lagos state police command has confirmed that Burnaboy was involved in the gun-point robbery of Mr 2kay which took place at Eko Hotel on October 22nd, just 10 days after Burna Boy sent Mr 2Kay a threat vis Twitter DM for calling him out over his tweet about beating up pastors. See the exclusive dm below…



    5a12c31577c05 - Exclusive: Here's a screenshot of the threat Burnaboy sent to Mr 2Kay via Twitter DM as police confirm his involvement in 2Kay's violent robbery

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    Zimbabwe’s Long Night

    Mugabe20falls 13 - Zimbabwe's Long Night

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    Mugabe20falls 12 - Zimbabwe's Long Night
    Robert Mugabe
    Despite having a Bachelor of Arts degree (combined honours) in History and English, embattled President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe may not be a good student of history. This explains his inability to interpret the writings on the wall and quit the arena when the ovation was loudest. After 37 years in power, the 93-year-old war hero and comrade is being booed from office.
    He immediately presents a contrast to former South African President Nelson Mandela, who voluntarily stepped aside in his high noon. Though John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton wrote his famous “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” in 1887, it would seem he also had in mind the likes of Mugabe and other sit-tight African leaders.
    Unlike military coups in Africa when the President and his cabinet are sent packing and a new government installed, the Zimbabwean Army, which took over power Wednesday, was magnanimous to recognise him as the country’s leader and negotiate an exit with him. Zimbabweans dubbed the military action a “bloodless correction of power.” For almost six days running, there has been no advancement due to Mugabe’s defiance, insisting he remains the country’s bona fide leader. He addressed the nation yesterday but failed to resign as anticipated.
    It is without argument that Africa has come of age and, therefore, military intervention as a means of regime change should not be allowed. However, the situation in Zimbabwe created a platform for the Army to act, as there were clear signs that the country was sliding into anarchy. Mugabe had thrown to the winds the pledge he made 40 years ago, when he mounted the saddle. At the time, he said: “I wish to assure you that there can never be any return to the state of armed conflict, which existed before our commitment to peace and the democratic process of the election under the Lancaster House agreement. Surely, this is now time to beat our swords into ploughshares, so we can attend to the problems of developing our economy and our society.
    “My party recognises the fundamental principle that in constituting a government it is necessary to be guided by the national interest, rather than by strictly party considerations. Only a government that subjects itself to the rule of law has any moral right to demand of its citizen’s obedience to the rule of law.”
    The derailment of Mugabe and the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) from the rule of law began when “Mugabe started arresting prominent opponents in 1982 and killing their supporters in 1983.” It was then clear that the government was bent on turning the country into a one party-state and installing a totalitarian regime. But how could Mugabe have easily turned himself into ‘Emperor’ and made Zimbabwe his kingdom for 37 years, to the extent that the squabble over inheritance had to tear the country apart?
    Having ruled for 37 years, Mugabe’s wife, Grace, was poised to take over from him. Within a space of four years, he has sacked two vice presidents.
    He sacked Vice President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on November 6. Mnangagwa was tipped as the next President to succeed the aging Mugabe. Ironically, Mnangagwa succeeded Mrs. Joyce Mujuru, the country’s first female Nice President, who was sacked in on December 9, 2014. The President reportedly accused her of plotting to overthrow him, an allegation she denied. She would later form a political party to challenge Mugabe.
    What was Mnangagwa’s offence? The President had accused him of “disrespect, disloyalty, deceit and unreliability.” But Mnangagwa’s sack became the last straw, as it sent shock waves across the country, igniting outrage among supporters of the deposed Vice President, who chose to fight back.
    David Blair writing in the London Telegraph had observed that Mugabe wanted to “rule Zimbabwe unchallenged for the rest of his life. His favored technique for guaranteeing his dominance was to build up potential successors only to destroy them.”
    The only potential successor the President had failed to destroy was his wife, Grace. The questions that came to mind when the drama started unfolding on November 6 were: Would Mugabe’s doomsday manifest in 2018 when the country elects a new leader? Will he hand over power to his wife or contest again as was being speculated? Whatever the speculation then, analysts had argued that a coalition of Mugabe’s disgruntled ex-aides and the opposition would end his rule. Interestingly, the opposing forces gave way to the military.
    How not to be First Lady
    Watchers of Zimbabwean affairs, particularly the power play that provoked the military intervention, would argue that the First Lady was to blame for the ignoble fall of her husband. Apparently, Grace and her clique had taken advantage of the President’s age and failing health to position her for the office, and Mnangagwa’s sack was a ploy to clear the way for her to succeed her husband as stepping-stone to achieving her goal of being nominated as President in the 2018 election.
    She had reportedly launched a scathing attack on Mnangagwa less than 48 hours before his dismissal. Addressing an audience at a church gathering on November 5, Grace Mugabe called for Mnangagwa’s sack.
    She said: “His head must be crushed. I have said I will personally make sure disciplinary procedures are followed to deal with Mnangagwa, even if everyone in the party is scared. I will not be intimidated.”
    Prior to the church meeting, an ugly incident had played out on November 4, when Mnangagwa’s supporters booed her as she blasted the ex-Vice President in the presence of her husband at a ZANU-PF youth rally: “I don’t care whether you boo me . . . You were paid to boo me but I will say it as it is even if you bring soldiers with guns I will say the same thing. Stop it, whatever you’re doing.
    “We had previous vice presidents and we never had any problem in the party. When these two people came in (Vice Presidents Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko), there was chaos and disorder in the party. But the chaos is not coming from VP Mphoko.
    “As women, we now want to reclaim our position in the Presidency. VP Mnangagwa even knows that his current position is reserved for women.”
    Now, it is the President’s head that is being crushed. Mrs. Mugabe is beginning to learn new lessons in ‘political maneuvering’as Mnangagwa and his supporters have turned the tables against the Mugabes.
    Reports said since the military takeover on Tuesday night, the once cocky and boastful First Lady has not appeared in public. There were unconfirmed reports that she had fled to Namibia. She has since realised that her husband, after all, was fallible and subject to the will of Zimbabweans. Certainly, the fall of the Mugabes is a pointer to wives of African Presidents on how not to be a First Lady. It is also a pointer to African Presidents on how not to fall under the spell of their wives and turn governance to an instrument of sustaining “marital bliss.”
    After his wife ended her speech lashing at Mnangagwa, the Mugabe reportedly questioned the choice of Mnangagwa as VP.
    “Did I make a mistake in appointing Mnangagwa as my Vice President? If I erred I will drop him by end of day tomorrow. If he and his backers want to form their own party, so be it. We cannot have a party of friction and personal insults,” he warned.
    Mugabe said this on Saturday and by Monday, Mnangagwa and eight other were expelled from the party.
    At another forum, he had accused Mnangagwa of consulting prophets on his (Mugabe’s) death. He told Mnangagwa that the VP would die before him.
    Mugabe dumped
    Today, Mugabe, who had spent his prime liberating his people from the anguish of colonialism and, therefore, deserves a lifetime honour, is being hounded from office. Fate has turned against him to the extent that even the ruling ZANU-PF, which he held firmly under an iron grip over the years, has abandoned him. Yesterday, the party formally announced his sack as its chairman. Mnangagwa was named as his successor. Also, Grace Mugabe was relieved of her position as chairman of the women’s wing. On Thursday, the party’s youth wing leader, Kudzanai Chipanga, apologised to the military for attacking it earlier for putting Mugabe under house arrest. The overwhelming support the military received from the people became an impetus for the public insistence that it’s a deal done for Mugabe to quit.
    Mugabe and the army commander reportedly faced a second round of departure talks yesterday.
    “This will be the second meeting as their talks continue on the long-time leader’s departure,” a report said.
    The broadcaster quoted Catholic priest, Fidelis Mukonori, who was called the chairman of the negotiating team. Others on the negotiating team include acting intelligence director Aaron Nhepera and Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba.
    There was no mention of the South African envoys who took part in the first meeting earlier in the week, according to the report. Meanwhile, the country’s lawmakers have said they would pursue impeachment when Parliament resumes tomorrow.
    Zimbabwe’ll never be the same again
    Whatever the outcome of the on-going negotiations between Mugabe and the military, Zimbabwe will never be the same again. The country has begun its transition to true democracy. The “Mugabe Tragedy” has posed a challenge to the country’s politicians and it is hoped they will get over it and come out fully prepared to move Zimbabwe ahead. They must draw inspiration from Ecclesiastes 3, which says there is “a time to tear down and a time to build” and “a time to tear and a time to mend.”
    For Zimbabweans, this is the time to mend and build a new Zimbabwe.
    Written by Emma Emeozor
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    Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    Picture2B1 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    Picture%2B1 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    Introducing the 2nd Edition of #MissAfrica2017 beauty pageant hosted in the beautiful city of Calabar Cross River State, holding at The prestigious Calabar International Convention Center(CICC) on December 27th 2017 Eve to Carnival Calabar, Africa’s biggest street party with the theme #MIGRATION
    30 participants across Africa will compete for the prestigious crown, 50,000 US dollars and a brand new SUV by combining beauty and brains to propose new ways to reduce the effect of climate change and migration on the environment.

    Picture%2B4 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    Picture%2B5 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    The Miss Africa beauty pageant with a theme Climate Change; a tool for sustainable development seeks to crown a Queen who will become the African Ambassador on Climate Change, spreading the word, educating people and teaching practical ways that we can collectively help reduce the adverse effects of climate change and create new ways to handle #migration across the globe.
    Auditions are currently ongoing in all the participating countries with the Nigerian auditions scheduled to hold in Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria.
    After the selection process there will be a press conference unveiling all the contestants from the different countries and fans from across Africa can begin voting for their country representative or favorite contestant.
    The Boot camp will kick off in December and will begin at the breathtaking Obudu Ranch Resort and Tinapa business resort for the last stage before the finals on 27th December, Eve of the Calabar Carnival.
    The heat is on as the contestants are partaking in a Miss Africa 60 seconds video challenge as a prerequisite to the selection process. All fans of the pageant will also have an opportunity to win a chance to watch the Miss Africa show live in December and also win free tickets by taking the Miss Africa challenge and telling us one way you will help support the fight against the negative effects of climate change.
    The event which will be aired Live on DSTV Channel 198 will also have a daily show on TV and social media to enable fans follow their favorite contestants and vote to keep them in the game.
    Hello Africa, this is the Miss Africa takeover, follow us on all our channels for daily updates and stand a chance to win fabulous items.

    Picture%2B2 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration

    Picture%2B3 - Watch out for the 2nd Edition of the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant holding 27th December, Eve of Carnival Calabar 2017 with the theme #Migration




    YouTube: Miss Africa

    Instagram: @missafrica2017_calabar


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    Wizkid Apologizes to Banky W for Missing His Traditional Wedding

    Wizki 1 - Wizkid Apologizes to Banky W for Missing His Traditional Wedding

    #TrendingNow #news #latestnews #gist

     Wizki - Wizkid Apologizes to Banky W for Missing His Traditional Wedding
    StarBoy, Wizkid who couldn’t make it to Banky W’s Traditional wedding to his beau, Adesua Etomi, has apologized to his former boss via his IG page.
    The buzzing artiste who has enjoyed a successful music year wrote;
    “My big brother and boss for life! Love u bro. God bless your day! Lord knows how sad i am missing this special day. We go rock church wedding ..Love forever!”
    Davido was also absent at the event which was ostensibly the galaxy of stars yesterday with glamorous pictures flooding social media platforms.